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Medical Assistance is provided by doctors in continuous service on call (H. 24).
The controls of ships in navigation with sick or injured on board can contact us through
the following ways:

Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (C.I.R.M.)
Via dell'Architettura, 41 - 00144 - Roma
Phone: [+39] - 06.59290263
Italian coastal radio stations


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The International Radio Medical Centre (C.I.R.M.) was born in 1935,
in order to provide radio medical assistance to seamen, on board vessels without a doctor on board, of any nationality, sailing on seas.

The C.I.R.M. has its headquarters in Rome and its medical services are free of charge. They include the interest for a possible transfer of the patient on the ship provided medical services or, if the distance permits, with the removal of the diseased vessels or aircraft for rapid hospitalization.

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